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The Behringer's XENYZ 1002B is an analog mixer with everything you need to offer an intimate environment with great sound. This mixer has 10 inputs (2 mic channels, 4 stereo channels with 3 extra mic inputs) offering to easily generate high-quality sound. It also further comes with 2 studio-grade, phantom-powered XENYX Mic Preamps, and ultra-musical 3-band “British” channel EQ.

  • Exceptional quality, and durable dependability for radio and television use
  • 1002B's handy 9 V battery capabilities, newscasters and journalists may utilise the 1002B in distant areas - even if the next power outlet is many miles away
  • Flexible input and output options
  • 2 XENYX mic preamps
  • Logarithmic-taper master fader (60mm)
  • 1 post-fader auxiliary send per channel
  • Each channel has a 3-band equalizer

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