BEHRINGER PK-108 Passive 2-Way 8" PA Speaker System


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The Behringer's PK-108 is a passive speaker ideal for live sound, portable PA, monitor wedge, and House of Worship applications with its 2-way, 350-Watt PA Ultra-Wide sound dispersion sound-reinforcement system. This speaker is even easily transportable and set up. Even better, it further comes with a flawless transducer for deep and acoustic bass.

  • Ultra-compact and lightweight system offers superb sound even at extreme sound pressure levels
  • High-power 350-watt passive 2-way PA sound reinforcement speaker system
  • The 8" long-excursion driver is extremely strong and offers incredibly deep bass and acoustic power
  • For outstanding high-frequency reproduction, a state-of-the-art 1" compression driver is used
  • Large-format exponential horn with ultra-wide dispersion
  • Handles that are ergonomically built for easy carrying and setup
  • Long life is ensured by high-quality components and incredibly tough construction

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